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Discover the French Accelerated Course, designed to teach you French fast on Skype, or in person in the South of France. All lessons are individual and are taught by Jennifer. 

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Starting at €28.00

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Learning French with Love Learning Languages is easy and fun. Our teachers are experienced, professional and friendly. We personalize the lessons to fit your needs and your schedule, offering French and English lessons in Béziers, or on Skype. Our founder, Jennifer Crespin, has 16 years experience teaching French at a prestigious American Jesuit high school, St Louis University High School (SLUH). She has trained and selected our caring faculty to bring you a very high level of professionalism. 

Love Learning Languages provides state of the art French and English  lessons as well as local immersion and accelerated classes with your private teacher in the South of France or in Paris! We customize lessons for expats, students, languages lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Come learn with us!

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French Language Resources reviews Jennifer's Teaching Style

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"...Teaching new things to interested students works best if handled by a competent teacher. In my opinion, Jennifer Crespin is a competent teacher – the kind that you can easily rely on whenever a need for deeper understanding of the French language arises. No wonder most individuals thankful for her lessons here on YouTube are students about to face final exams."

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